Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conflict Management Policy

  1. When members have serious disagreements, they will make every effort to respectfully and privately resolve the issues.
  2. If the members cannot resolve the problem themselves, one member may request mediation by the UHSG.
  3. a) There will be 3 mediators chosen from the UHSG members
    b) At least 1 mediator will have no close personal ties with either party
    c) The mediators will hear the positions of each side and decide on a resolution
    d) The parties who requested mediation will abide by the resolution decided by the mediators, or they will be asked to leave the UHSG
  4. If a member is behaving in a way that is destructive to the UHSG’s mission:
a) The UHSG Liaison’s will make every effort to resolve the matter respectfully and privately.
b) If the issue cannot be solved privately by the Liaisons, 5 mediators will be chosen from the UHSG members to hear the issues and decide on a resolution.
c) At least 2 with no close personal ties to the member in question.
d) The member will abide by the decision of the mediators or will be asked to leave the UHSG.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

United Homeschoolers of Germany Liaison Descriptions

Our liaisons are elected by members present at the election meeting for one year terms. There are currently no term limits. If you are interested in helping in any of these positions please contact one of the group admins or send an email to UHSG

Administrative Support Liaison-Status Filled 
Establishes and publishes monthly meeting agenda; Records and publishes meeting minutes; Reserves monthly meeting location; Sets up, opens and closes meeting; Maintains accurate Liaison contact list; Creates and monitors annual group update\sweep; Updates UHSG log in passwords annually; Maintains UHSG listing and contact information with applicable base agencies and community publications(Kabel Magazine, School Liaison Office, Base Libraries, ect.); Updates and distributes UHSG brochure as needed; Works with Field Trip and Events Liaison to ensure UHSG name tags are available for member gatherings

Base Services Liaison-Status OPEN
Works with base facilities and organizations (i.e. Arts and Crafts Store, Ramstein Aquatic Center, Libraries)to provide programs for the homeschooling community; Relays information to the group for participating in programs and a current list of programs offered

Community Service Liaison-Status OPEN
Works with local charitable organizations, chaplain offices, service organizations, etc. to help provide service opportunities for homeschoolers; Does not hold fundraisers of any kind.

Enrichment Liaison-Status Filled
Oversees all aspects of UHSG Enrichment Day; Coordinates class locations, facilitators, and schedules; Works with parents to establish classes and clubs within the homeschooling community.

Field Trip and Events Liaison-Status Filled
Point of contact for UHSG members wishing to organize events and field trips; Creates and oversees event and field trip listings within in Facebook, Google group and newsletter for volunteer hosts/organizers; Maintains Google group calendar; Seeks out UHSG members to host/organize events and field trips for the group; Works with Administration Liaison to ensure UHSG name tags are available for member gatherings.

Hail/Farewell Liaison-Status Filled 
Point of contact for newcomers; Organizes hail & farewell gathering to welcome new members and say goodbye to those leaving; Monitors and responds to new comer questions on Facebook and Google group message boards; Screens new member requests on Facebook, email, and Google groups; Posts welcome to new member and invites members to meetings.

High School Liaison-Status Filled
Aids parents of homeschooled high schoolers; Shares information needed for transcripts, scholarship programs, and colleges; Assists with Prom, Driver’s Ed, and Graduation etc. within the school system or within the homeschool community; Creates yearly Homeschooling Through Highschool Workshop for group; Organizes end of year banquet and graduation ceremony; Admins UHSG HighSchool Facebook group.

Legal/School Liaison-Status Filled
Ensures support group is operating within current regulations; Keeps members updated on legislative happenings impacting our local community; works with the HSLDA to represent our group as necessary; Informs members of the challenges the homeschool community face and how to become a member of HSLDA; Works with the DoDEA School Liaisons; Maintains and streamlines knowledge about available classes, programs, and services provided to homeschoolers by the DoDEA; Refers members to proper Question and Answer documentation.

Music Liaison-Status OPEN
Provides information and classes and lessons in the local area; Maintains current list of local area performing arts teachers; Organizes annual homeschool talent show

Theater Liaison-Status OPEN
Provides information and classes and lessons in the local area; Maintains current list of local area performing arts teachers; Organizes one homeschool-based play per calendar year inclusive of all grade levels.

PreSchool and Kindergarten Liaison-Status OPEN
Creates events for preschool age members; Monitors and responds to preschool related questions on Facebook and Google groups.

Web Support Liaison-Status OPEN
Manages group’s email, blog, Google group, Works with Administration and Field Trip and Events Liaison to insure information accuracy; Maintains and promotes UHSG Pinterest board; Adds and maintain Pinner requests; Oversees monthly newsletter.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Find Us on the Web

Located in the Ramstein/Kaiserslautern region of Germany, our group is comprised of homeschooling families associated with the American military. Because of this, the group is quite transient. Most families live in the area for about three years. Moving to a new country can be exciting and uncomfortable at the same time and we do our best to help homeschoolers make the transition. We welcome those considering homeschooling and new to homeschooling regardless of belief, race or homeschooling style

Find us three places on the web.

On our blog you will find information on our past activities as well as our policies and procedures. If you're new to homeschooling, or a homeschooling family moving to the area , you will also find  wealth of information and tips to helps make the transition smoother. 

Google Group

Our Google Group is primary means of communicating policy changes and upcoming events.  Membership on the Google Group is required for new members PRIOR to membership on our Facebook Group.  Find our Google Group online at

 Find Us on Facebook

Our Facebook Page is another place where members can stay updated on current events in our group .

Email Us

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