Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ramstein Area Playgrounds - Park Days

The Ramstein area is filled with hidden treasure parks. Whether you meet with the group on park days each week, or venture there with just the family, the kids are sure to have fun. Here are our favorite meeting places for park days.

Vogelwoog in Kaiserslautern

Located on a small lake near the Toys 'R Us in Kaiserslautern, Vogelwoog park has trails and wooden hideouts for kids to play.

  • Go through Opal Circle
  • Exit onto Merkurstr and drive past the Toys R’ Us and keep going until just before the road takes a 90 degree turn to the right
  • Turn left on Vogelwoogstr until you reach the lake

Seewoog in Miesenbach

Woog means lake in the local German dialect. Therefore, the Seewoog park in Miesenbach is located on a lake. There is a small play area and a large grassy area. The biergarten serves beer and typical German snack food - pretzles, brats, etc. Trails circle the lake and continue onto the nearby village of Mackenbach.

Directions: From the Ramstein AFB.
  • Exit the base and take the first exit on both of the round-A-bouts. (go past the Azur pool). 
  • Turn left at the yellow sign toward Kottweiler-Schwanden. You will soon head into the village of Miesenbach. 
  • After entering the village of Miesenbach turn right at the green sign that says Seewoog. It is about the third right. 
  • Go to the end of the road and just past where you see the white circle sign with the red circle around the outside. 
  • Park there. 
  • The seewoog (lake) and play area should be on your left. We usually meet on the far side of the lake (opposite the play area) so the kids can play in the woods and big grassy area.

Donnely Park, Ramstein Base

Donnely Park is near the schools on the Ramstein AFB. There are several large fields near the playground, and the play area has lots of climbing equipment, a big slide and a cherry tree that produces fruit in July.

- Directions coming soon -

City Center Park in Weilerbach

(GPS Address - Mackenbacherstr 2, Weilerbach)

Near the main stoplight intersection in Weilerbach, ducks and ducklings are frequently spotted at this park. There is lots of climbing equipment including a newly installed zip line and a rock climbing mound. An open soccer field stands at the back of the park. Walking trails pass through the park and upon walking toward Mackenbach there is a schnitzle restaurant, in a log cabin on a hill, in the field - it's a fun place to bring guests from out of town.

Directions: From the stop light in the center of town in Weilerbach (Mackenbacherstr, Rummelstr, Hauptstr and Busenhubelstr)
  • Take Mackenbacherstr toward Mackenbach. 
  • There will be a parking lot on your right with a white sign with black letters that says some form of the word Nature or Natural. Park here!
  • Walk to the back of the parking lot and follow the trail to the left as short ways past the grinding wheel and pond to the playground equipment. 

Woods Park, Queidersbach

The woods in this area are filled with interesting rock formations and are quite hilly. There are actually two playgrounds in the woods and we typically stop at the second one we pass when following directions version 2. The kids enjoy the climbing equipment as well as exploring the woods and hills.


Version 1 - Easy - Zum Falkenstein 1, Queidersbach
  • The address above is for the sportsplatz. 
  • Turn into the sportzplatz.
  • Drive past the soccer field on the left and two big parking lots on the right. 
  • Park just where the road turns into a walking trail.
  • Follow the trail and turn right a few feet after entering the woods. 
  • Head up the hill to the playground equipment.

Version 2 - For a 1/2 mile walk from where you park and a little adventure.
  • On the road that connects Bahn and Queidersbach there is a chapel/cemetery. It is closest to Queidersbach and on the right hand side just after leaving the village of Queidersbach. 
  • Drive up the hill to the second parking lot and park there.

Ohmbachsee, Schönenberg-Kübelberg

This playground has a big slide, swings, and best of all, a water pump that pumps water through a system of troughs that spill out onto sand. Be sure to bring towels, a change of clothes and sand toys. There is a tiny café next to the playground, and paddle boats can be rented for about 3.50 euro for 30 minutes.

Directions: Schönenberg-Kübelberg on Zaunwies strasse
  • Take the A6 towards Saarbrucken. 
  • Exit at Bruchmulbach/Miesau and make a left. You will see the Miesau Munnitions Depot on the left.
  • Stay on this road and follow it to Schonenberg/Kubelberg. 
  • Look for the brown Ombachsee sign on the right and make a right (about ¾ of a mile into town). 
  • As you are heading down a hill and out of Schonenberg, you will see the first parking are for Ombachsee. Do not park here. Keep going on this road until you see the village sign for Gries. 
  • Make a right after the small bridge and park in this lot. 
  • Once you have parked, make a left on the dirt path and follow it until you get to the park.
  • Wasserspielplatz will be on the left side of the lake. 

Park on Vogelweh, Pulaski

This playground has two play areas. The one in the front is better for smaller children. The one in the back has swings and more climbing equipment, but small children like it too. We typically meet in the back. There is also a large field.

- Directions coming soon -

Barenloch Park in Kindsbach

Sometimes called the frog park, this park has a zip line, sand area, big swing and a lake. On hot days locals swim up and down the lake, in the cold spring-fed lake. When searching for tadpoles and frogs kids almost always get wet, so be sure to bring towels and a change of clothes. Swimsuits are always a good idea.

In 2014 we witnessed the life cycle of frogs by visiting this park. Here's a timeline for future reference:

March 20 - Mating Frogs
May 14 -  Tadpoles
June 4 - Tadpoles with back legs
June 18 - Dime sized frogs
July 2 - Frogs could be heard, but not seen - hot day - went swimming instead


Weiherstrasse 34
Kindsbach 66862
  • Heading from Landstuhl toward Kindsbach on the main road (Kaiserstr), turn right at the stop light in Kindsbach. 
  • After the turn follow the road and sign pointing to the left which says Barenloch.
  • Turn right with the road as it curves around. 
  • Park in the lot in front of the playground.

Pirate Ship Park, Homburg

This park has a knee-deep man-made pond with a pirate ship in the middle and rafts for the kids to play on.  There is a climbing wall and a skateboard park too. Bring sunscreen, swimming suits, dry clothes, towels, lunch and snacks. It’s about 30 minutes from Ramstein, so we make this park a special park day and usually go all day.

  • Park at the swimming pool on the corner of Schwimmbadweg and Brunnenstrasse in Homburg and follow the path a short walk to the pirate ship.
  • The directions are a bit confusing when you get close. Be sure to look at a map before you leave.
  • Take A6 toward Saarbrücken
  • Take exit 9-Homburg for B423 toward Bexbach
  • Turn left at B423 (signs for Homburg)
  • Turn left at Richard-Wagner-Straße/L119
  • Turn left at Mainzer Str.
  • Turn right toward Schwimmbadweg
  • Turn left at Schwimmbadweg
  • Take the 1st right toward Brunnenstraße
  • Turn left at Schwimmbadweg
  • Take the 1st right onto Brunnenstraße

GPS Parking Lot Coordinates
N 49 19.724
E 7 20.978

Ramstein AFB - Big Play Ground on Michigan between New York and Oregon

This park is convenient and has nice climbing equipment.

  • From the main gate, make a left at the traffic light by the KMC. 
  • Take that road until it forks. 
  • Keep right at the fork. 
  • Stay on that road. 
  • Go past Oregon and the park will be on your left closer to the next intersection, which its New York.