Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ramstein Area Pools

Join us for homeschool swim. Here are web links to the pools we frequent.

Kaiserslautern Pool

Monte Mare in Kaiserslautern
Monte Mare is an indoor/outdoor pool open all year round. Inside there is a slide, an inner tube slide  and a wave pool.

Rodenbach Pool
This is an outdoor pool open only in the summer. There is a slide, baby pool and lap pool. Snacks can be purchased. Beyond the pools are several very large grassy areas for picnics and play.

Azur in Ramstein
Azure is an indoor/outdoor pool open all year round. There are slides both inside and out and a diving board, high dive and platform dive. There are lap pools and baby pools both inside and out. Snacks can be purchased and food can be eaten on the grass outdoors and in the basement inside.

Directions: From the Ramstein AFB.
  • Exit the base and take the first exit on both of the round-A-bouts.
  • Turn left after driving past the pool.
  • Take a quick left to get to the parking lot.

Natural Pool in Landstuhl

  • This pool is located near the traffic circle which heads toward Kindsbach in the village of Landstuhl.
  • Head toward Landstuhl at the circle.
  • Turn left into the parking lot just past he school. You will see a large sign for CUBO and probably miss the small sign for the pool.
  • The parking lot and entrance for CUBO and the pool are one in the same.
  • Enter the building, go up the stairs, pay and then head out the back of the building to the pool.

This is an outdoor pool located near a campground. Campers get free entrance to the pool which is large, contains a playground and a grassy area. Divers can plunge into the cold water from boards or a platform.