Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Policy for Selecting New Liaisons

  • Open liaison positions will be posted before each UHSG meeting.
  • When it becomes known that a position will be open in the future, it will be announced to the group.
  • Members interested in being nominated for the open positions should make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the Liaison’s responsibilities and read the Code of Conduct that every UHSG Liaison is required to uphold.
  • Nominations will be accepted for open positions after the announcement. Nominees will notify the UHSG Administration Liaison of their interest. No campaigning please. .
  • Voting will take place at the next monthly meeting.
  • Liaison nominees will be given 5 minutes at the meeting to make a presentation stating why they would like the position.
  • Current liaisons (absentee vote permitted) and all members present at the meeting will vote on all open liaison positions.

Policy for Inviting Others to UHSG Events

Types of Events Posted on UHSG
  • UHSG Community Events – These UHSG events are organized and promoted by the Liaisons for its members and the community at large. For example, a performance of the Annual UHSG Theater Production or a UHSG Community Service Project. Members are free to invite friends, family, and other interested groups.
  • UHSG Sponsored Events and Classes – Liaisons will organize these events and classes as a benefit of UHSG membership. Park days, mom’s night out, parties, etc. are sponsored events that UHSG will not promote to the community at large, but individual members are free to invite friends and family in order to encourage others who enjoy these kinds of events to join our group. However, Enrichment Day Classes and the Annual UHSG Theater Production will be open to UHSG members only for participation.
  • Personal Events – These are individual members’ events/classes. Members are free to invite UHSG members to their personal events so long as the event is open to all UHSG members. Refer to Class Sharing Guidelines for more information.
  • Non-UHSG Community Events – Members are free to post information regarding events happening in the community which homeschooling families tend to find interesting. Obviously personal judgment is involved in determining acceptable events, and the admins will remove posts determined not appropriate. Members who repeatedly post inappropriate events will be asked to stop and brought through the mediation process if necessary.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Class Sharing Guidelines

Class Sharing:

Offering Classes on UHSG Facebook Group Page and BlogSpot

For any homeschooling parent looking to offer classes through UHSG, here are our guidelines on how to do so and some things you should take into consideration when putting a class together:

  1. All classes posted on the UHSG group page, forums, and website that are not a specific UHSG/Enrichment Day class should not have UHSG listed in the class description. This is a class that you as an individual are offering to the homeschooling community.
  2. Fees for the classes should be limited to the exact amount it costs each child to participate in the class. If you are purchasing bulk supplies, list a general cost for each child and once supplies are purchased, divide the leftover funds between each child and return that amount to the family.  If you are charging for your expertise in a field of study, then you must personally obtain a business license through the German government. UHSG is not responsible for helping you through this process nor are we liable for any financial issues this may bring upon you.
  3. As a diverse homeschooling support group, UHSG strives to promote opportunities inclusive of all homeschooling families. A preferred but not required method for our members to sign-up for your class is to create a sign up through SignUpGenius.com and to list the class description on the Facebook Group page. In the class description you will direct members to the SignupGenius.com site to sign-up. This will provide a first come/first serve atmosphere to fill the available spaces for your class.
  4. To help avoid as many issues as possible, your class listing should include the following:
    • Class description and expected outcomes
    • Guidelines for participating in class, homework expectations, supply list (don’t be shy, add a roll of toilet paper, bottle of hand soap, roll of paper towels, etc. as these consumables can become expensive), and any costs/fees with details of what these are applied to
    • Timeline for the class, location, and contact information for facilitator
    • Class size and/or age restrictions
    • Parent contribution expectations
    • Rules for your home or class location
    • Drop-off/Pick-up policy
    • A small blurb about yourself/why you’re offering the class
    • SignUpGenius.com link to sign up
  5. To protect yourself, it is strongly advised that you have a parent volunteer remain in your home or class location with you at all times. You may choose to do this on a rotation with the parents.
  6. If you are having a personal problem with a parent and are unable to resolve the issue but need a resolution, please see UHSG’s policy on handling situations between members. If the parent is not a member of UHSG, then UHSG cannot force them to be a part of the mediation process and you will have to resort to resolving it on your own.
  7. If you want to host a class but not in your home and are unable to do so during UHSG’s Enrichment Day, the KMCC Party Room is often available during the day for you to reserve your time-slot. The room divides into two rooms so if two parents want to offer classes at the same time, you would be able to do so.  Visit the KMCC to reserve your space.
  8. If you want to list your class on our public site, http://unitedhomeschoolersofgermany.blogspot.de/ , please contact UHSG at unitedhomeschoolersofgermany@gmail.com . For the public site, we suggest a general class description with directions for interested families to join us on Facebook for more information. For security reasons, we will not list direct contact information on our public blog.
  9. See the example below if this is your first time offering a class and are unsure of how to put together a class listing.

Example of a Class Listing
Reading Enrichment
Facilitator: Your Name (youremail@gmail.com)
•    I am offering this class because I have facilitated this same kind of class at a co-op for two years, and my children enjoyed the class. Since we’ve moved here, they have wanted to have the class here. 
Time: 1:00 P.M. – 2:20 P.M. every Wednesday from September 10 - November 12

Location: My Home, Cool Village, Germany

This class is open to children K-4th Grades, Class Size: 10 Children. Parents please come in with your children when dropping them off and if you are not required to stay, please arrive ten minutes prior to the end of class to pick them up.

Rules for expected behavior and house rules will be discussed at the beginning of the first class. For those not required to stay, please expect to be present the first class to go over these rules, get to know me,  and see what a typical day will be like.

Class Description:
The idea of this class is to encourage the love of reading through classroom readings and hands on activities that allow the children to connect the different aspects of a book to things in their lives.

Class Supplies:
Children should bring their own crayons, pencils, glue sticks, and scissors. There will be a sign-up sheet the first day for additional supply contributions (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap)

The students will be required to do book reports in order to build their “perfect sandwich” throughout the year. The book reports will be age appropriate and the book report forms will be tailored differently for the younger children. In addition, children will keep a reading log that will enable them to earn prizes from Betty Bookworm’s Reading Rewards.

Parent Contribution:
Parents of children at the Kindergarten level must be available to assist their children with crafting activities. There will be one additional parent helper for every class on a rotating schedule.

$10/Child - Money will be used for crafts and small rewards, leftover funds will be equally distributed per child and returned to the families