Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Policy for Inviting Others to UHSG Events

Types of Events Posted on UHSG
  • UHSG Community Events – These UHSG events are organized and promoted by the Liaisons for its members and the community at large. For example, a performance of the Annual UHSG Theater Production or a UHSG Community Service Project. Members are free to invite friends, family, and other interested groups.
  • UHSG Sponsored Events and Classes – Liaisons will organize these events and classes as a benefit of UHSG membership. Park days, mom’s night out, parties, etc. are sponsored events that UHSG will not promote to the community at large, but individual members are free to invite friends and family in order to encourage others who enjoy these kinds of events to join our group. However, Enrichment Day Classes and the Annual UHSG Theater Production will be open to UHSG members only for participation.
  • Personal Events – These are individual members’ events/classes. Members are free to invite UHSG members to their personal events so long as the event is open to all UHSG members. Refer to Class Sharing Guidelines for more information.
  • Non-UHSG Community Events – Members are free to post information regarding events happening in the community which homeschooling families tend to find interesting. Obviously personal judgment is involved in determining acceptable events, and the admins will remove posts determined not appropriate. Members who repeatedly post inappropriate events will be asked to stop and brought through the mediation process if necessary.