Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conflict Management Policy

  1. When members have serious disagreements, they will make every effort to respectfully and privately resolve the issues.
  2. If the members cannot resolve the problem themselves, one member may request mediation by the UHSG.
  3. a) There will be 3 mediators chosen from the UHSG members
    b) At least 1 mediator will have no close personal ties with either party
    c) The mediators will hear the positions of each side and decide on a resolution
    d) The parties who requested mediation will abide by the resolution decided by the mediators, or they will be asked to leave the UHSG
  4. If a member is behaving in a way that is destructive to the UHSG’s mission:
a) The UHSG Liaison’s will make every effort to resolve the matter respectfully and privately.
b) If the issue cannot be solved privately by the Liaisons, 5 mediators will be chosen from the UHSG members to hear the issues and decide on a resolution.
c) At least 2 with no close personal ties to the member in question.
d) The member will abide by the decision of the mediators or will be asked to leave the UHSG.