Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Dino Days of Summer

Parents and children headed to the beloved "Dino Park" of Kaiserslautern.  The Gartenshau is one of K-town's most undersold features.  It has a little something for everyone.

The Gartenshau lies on the north side of Kaiserslautern and features a skate park, ponds, soccer and basketball areas, flower displays, a three-story slide, and so much more. This includes the collection of  dinosaur sculptures with informational plaques that give the park it's nickname.  And, just in case you forget to pack water or a snack, there are kiosks located in both the upper and lower levels of the park. With so many things to occupy any aged child or adult, the Dino Park was the perfect place for homeschoolers to take a break from working hard to play hard.