Friday, August 7, 2015

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

By R.M.
Age 13

I was lucky enough to participate in the first UHSG Navigation Class, on August 6, 2015. The first day we were in the classroom. They explained a lot about how to orient a map with a compass. To orient the map, first get your compass and lay down your map. Next, place the compass facing north on the map and then turn the whole map towards magnetic north on the compass. When you are orienting the map you should never place your compass near metal because it will cause the compass to turn toward the metal instead of magnetic north. Then, you have to find your destination on the map and measure the distance. Once you know this information, use the outside angles on the compass to find your direction of travel. The last thing you should do is look for landmarks on your map so you can use them to find your way. After this lesson, the teacher told us we would be in the woods the next day and he gave us a list of supplies to bring.

The second day we were in the woods. It was hot! I was on one of three teams. There were five people on my team. Each team had to use coordinates to find six different locations in the woods. At each location there was a different challenge. My favorite challenge was choosing six different survival items to bring out into the woods if I was lost or stranded. One other interesting thing I learned was that you can eat clovers, although they taste better in the spring.

At the end of our trek through the woods, the view was beautiful. We had been in the woods the whole time, and since we weren't following a path we didn't get to see the view until the end. We were up on a cliff side overlooking the forest. I liked this class a lot!