Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Fun Fest

By S.B.

Fall Fun Fest was held on Friday, October 30th at the Exchange. Everyone dressed in their Halloween costumes: ninjas, Jedi, princesses, pirates and more. Parents and teens organized a variety of games to play, including corn hole, pin the bowtie on the skeleton, and mummy wrap. Crafts included make-your-own pumpkin dough, string art, and candy corn architecture.  Some of the middle school and high school kids volunteered to help out. "No one came to my cheerio relay," complained Riley R. The older students worked to keep the younger kids entertained.  The party ended at 4:00, with participants helping to clean the group meeting  area at the KMCC.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

KMC Onstage

By L.L. Age 15

KMC Onstage offers fun for the whole family, whether you want to be on the stage showing your gifts, or in the audience watching the talent in front of you. KMC Onstage is located on Kleber Kaserne Bldg. 3232, which also houses the Java Café.

KMC Onstage offers acting classes for homeschoolers and public schoolers. Classes are not just for kids, there are many adult classes as well! They also offer free ‘workshops’ and give out monologues or group readings and critiques actors. It is a wonderful experience even if you do not wish to participate in a play or musical. Most auditions are open and will give you a cold reading to perform when you arrive. Some plays require actors to be 18 and older to audition and/or watch. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to attend any plays or musicals unless otherwise stated. Every year a Tournament of the Plays called Toppers is held between bases all over Europe. Each base can enter one play and one musical per year.

You can also find out about upcoming KMC Onstage plays in the Kaiserslautern American newspaper that you can get free on base or online.  If you participate in a play or class, it will count as high school credit.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

By R.M. Age 13

The UHSG got together at Donnelly park on Oct. 23rd. Everyone brought something: food, drinks, dining ware, and tablecloths. A few people carved or painted their pumpkins; each was different. Afterward, attendees played at the park. Everyone had fun on a beautiful day. The weather was good, the park was empty, it wasn't too cold, and the leaves were starting to change color.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UHSG Speech and Communications Class Elects New President!

By W. L. Age 12

The Speech and Communications class at UHSG Enrichment Day gave their presidential speeches for Class President on Oct. 20. The students presented their presidential speeches in front of other students and parents.. The audience  listened to the speeches and then voted on who they thought should win. Out of all of the candidates, C.S. won the election with M.R. winning vice-President with the second most votes.  Mrs. K was “very happy” that everyone brought in their speeches. She also thought that they did a “great job”, so she threw the class an ice cream party the following Tuesday.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Sunshine Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

By I.G. Age 13
On Friday, October 16th, the UHSG took a field trip to The Sunshine Pumpkin Farm.  This was an enjoyable field trip for all ages.  Even in the gloomy cold weather.
The tour started in the common area between the barns. The first stop was where the cows were being milked. The Sunshine staff had a cow attached to a milking machine. The guide explained how the cows were milked. Even though it looked like it could be painful, the cows didn’t mind because they got special food and it didn’t cause them any pain. After that, we walked over to the two horses. Everyone talked for a few minutes before moving on to where they kept some more cows. On the left were all the calves, and the pregnant cows. On the right side of the barn were the bulls, and they were very jumpy and friendly.
After we left there, the tour crossed the street to where all the chickens and pigs were. We walked past the pink pigs and outside to where the chickens were. With a warning from our guide not the chase the chickens, she allowed us all to explore the chicken area. 

After seeing the chickens, we headed over to get in the trailer that would take us to the pumpkin patch. Each child was allowed to pick a pumpkin of any size. Once the pumpkins were picked, the group climbed back into the trailer for another bumpy ride back the farm. We carried our pumpkins to the common area, and paid for them. After that, anyone who wanted was able to get cupcakes, pumpkin cake, and hot cider, a welcome treat after hours of walking in the cold.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Field Trip Etiquette

Please take a look at our Field Trip and Event Etiquette Guidelines! It is important for our group to leave a good impression when we visit a location in our area. The following guidelines will help to ensure that homeschoolers are welcomed back to the wonderful venues we have available here. Leaving a site with a good impression is the best way to ensure that future members of our group are able to enjoy the same wonderful experiences that we have the opportunity to participate in now.

Field Trip Etiquette
1.    Please realize that organizing events and field trips is a volunteer job for the organizer. 

2.    When you plan to attend an event, please be sure sign up via emailed link. This ensures an accurate headcount, which is vital when minimum or maximum participants are required. 

3.    If plans change and you cannot attend, PLEASE BE SURE to delete your sign up. This is easily done by pulling up the event on our secure sign-up site, signing in to your account, and simply clicking delete sign up.

4.    Because many of our event venues require an accurate headcount, please don't cancel at the last minute, unless there is a true emergency. 

5.    The weather in Germany can be unpredictable, but most events will run as scheduled rain or shine. Dress appropriately! 

6.    Respect the facility's rules. Observe guidelines for eating, drinking, smoking, petting and/or feeding animals, and remaining in authorized areas. 

7.    Be on time for events. This usually means arriving 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time in order to allow time for check-in and payment. 

8.    Be respectful and courteous to the speakers, tour guides, and employees of the facility. It is possible that they are volunteering and their time is valuable. 

9.    Respect any age restrictions. These are given to enhance the learning for all children. 

10.    Please note the date and time of any field trips you sign up for. The sign-up site allows you to easily add the event to your Google Calendar or iCalendar.

Appel Happel

By R.M. Age 13

On September 11, the UHSG toured Appel Happel in Mainz. The group learned about the farm
and picked apples. At Appel Happel, the owners use natural farming practices. In their store, they sell
fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey, homemade ice cream, and fresh apple juice. They grow twenty-seven
different types of apples and seven different types of pears.

    Mrs. Ilonka Happle, told children a story about a magic apple tree, afterwards they got to hug the giant magic apple and make a wish. Next kids gathered apples off the ground to make apple juice. First, the Happels grind up the apples with a machine that scrapes the seeds out of the apple, then they press the grated apples and the juice is channeled out. Field trippers all got to taste the fresh apple juice just as it was pumped out. The fresh apple juice was sweet and tart; more than one student exclaimed, "This is the best thing I have ever tasted!"  After the tour concluded, many went apple picking.

    D. Age 7, said he enjoyed the tour, he had not picked apples before, and his favorite fruit is the  mango.” Another student, D. Q. Age 8, said, “I do not know if I liked the tour or not. I haven't picked apples before, and my favorite fruit is blueberries.”  DJ Age 15 said she had picked apples before, she did enjoy the tour, and her favorite fruits are cucumbers, bell peppers, and apples.

UHSG Enrichment Day Classes Now In Session

By W.L. Age 12

Homeschoolers in the local Kaiserslautern area started Enrichment Day on September 7. Enrichment Day is a weekly event where children participate in classes of many different subjects some of which their parents may not have the resources to teach at home. In the fall session, homeschoolers meet from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Tuesdays, from September through November. There are 11 different classes offered during this first session of  Enrichment Day: LEGO Challenge, Beginning ASL, Geography Co-op: Around the World, Young Scientists Co-op, Sewing Basics, Learning with Board Games, Writing Workshop, Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing, U.S Government, Speech and Communications, and Personal Finance. There are several benefits provided to families who participate at Enrichment Day. Highschoolers can earn credits in some of the high school classes. All homeschoolers have the opportunity to not only learn new things but make friends too. All families should consider their family schedules before deciding to participate. The second session for Enrichment Day will begin at the end of January. Anyone looking to submit a class can fill out a class submission form. For more information you can contact Veronica at