Friday, October 2, 2015

Appel Happel

By R.M. Age 13

On September 11, the UHSG toured Appel Happel in Mainz. The group learned about the farm
and picked apples. At Appel Happel, the owners use natural farming practices. In their store, they sell
fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey, homemade ice cream, and fresh apple juice. They grow twenty-seven
different types of apples and seven different types of pears.

    Mrs. Ilonka Happle, told children a story about a magic apple tree, afterwards they got to hug the giant magic apple and make a wish. Next kids gathered apples off the ground to make apple juice. First, the Happels grind up the apples with a machine that scrapes the seeds out of the apple, then they press the grated apples and the juice is channeled out. Field trippers all got to taste the fresh apple juice just as it was pumped out. The fresh apple juice was sweet and tart; more than one student exclaimed, "This is the best thing I have ever tasted!"  After the tour concluded, many went apple picking.

    D. Age 7, said he enjoyed the tour, he had not picked apples before, and his favorite fruit is the  mango.” Another student, D. Q. Age 8, said, “I do not know if I liked the tour or not. I haven't picked apples before, and my favorite fruit is blueberries.”  DJ Age 15 said she had picked apples before, she did enjoy the tour, and her favorite fruits are cucumbers, bell peppers, and apples.