Friday, October 2, 2015

Field Trip Etiquette

Please take a look at our Field Trip and Event Etiquette Guidelines! It is important for our group to leave a good impression when we visit a location in our area. The following guidelines will help to ensure that homeschoolers are welcomed back to the wonderful venues we have available here. Leaving a site with a good impression is the best way to ensure that future members of our group are able to enjoy the same wonderful experiences that we have the opportunity to participate in now.

Field Trip Etiquette
1.    Please realize that organizing events and field trips is a volunteer job for the organizer. 

2.    When you plan to attend an event, please be sure sign up via emailed link. This ensures an accurate headcount, which is vital when minimum or maximum participants are required. 

3.    If plans change and you cannot attend, PLEASE BE SURE to delete your sign up. This is easily done by pulling up the event on our secure sign-up site, signing in to your account, and simply clicking delete sign up.

4.    Because many of our event venues require an accurate headcount, please don't cancel at the last minute, unless there is a true emergency. 

5.    The weather in Germany can be unpredictable, but most events will run as scheduled rain or shine. Dress appropriately! 

6.    Respect the facility's rules. Observe guidelines for eating, drinking, smoking, petting and/or feeding animals, and remaining in authorized areas. 

7.    Be on time for events. This usually means arriving 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time in order to allow time for check-in and payment. 

8.    Be respectful and courteous to the speakers, tour guides, and employees of the facility. It is possible that they are volunteering and their time is valuable. 

9.    Respect any age restrictions. These are given to enhance the learning for all children. 

10.    Please note the date and time of any field trips you sign up for. The sign-up site allows you to easily add the event to your Google Calendar or iCalendar.