Friday, October 16, 2015

Sunshine Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

By I.G. Age 13
On Friday, October 16th, the UHSG took a field trip to The Sunshine Pumpkin Farm.  This was an enjoyable field trip for all ages.  Even in the gloomy cold weather.
The tour started in the common area between the barns. The first stop was where the cows were being milked. The Sunshine staff had a cow attached to a milking machine. The guide explained how the cows were milked. Even though it looked like it could be painful, the cows didn’t mind because they got special food and it didn’t cause them any pain. After that, we walked over to the two horses. Everyone talked for a few minutes before moving on to where they kept some more cows. On the left were all the calves, and the pregnant cows. On the right side of the barn were the bulls, and they were very jumpy and friendly.
After we left there, the tour crossed the street to where all the chickens and pigs were. We walked past the pink pigs and outside to where the chickens were. With a warning from our guide not the chase the chickens, she allowed us all to explore the chicken area. 

After seeing the chickens, we headed over to get in the trailer that would take us to the pumpkin patch. Each child was allowed to pick a pumpkin of any size. Once the pumpkins were picked, the group climbed back into the trailer for another bumpy ride back the farm. We carried our pumpkins to the common area, and paid for them. After that, anyone who wanted was able to get cupcakes, pumpkin cake, and hot cider, a welcome treat after hours of walking in the cold.