Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Homeschoolers Tour AFN

By R.M. Age 13

The middle schoolers of UHSG went on a tour of the Armed Forces Network (AFN) on November 18. They learned about media and the history of AFN. AFN has been broadcasting since 1954.  Since they were the leading source of  information in war time, they were targeted by the enemy. Since 1954, they have come a long way. For instance, their mics and cameras have progressed. The glass in the studio is now bulletproof and the wall soundproof both help to keep the noise out. The staff consists of editors, tech support, DJs, photographers, and videographers.

AFN is located on Vogelweh Air Base where they broadcast TV and radio. Even though it
is a small facility, the office has many computers and cameras. During the tour, the guide told the group about a sphere with cameras embedded into the body called “hawk-eye.” These can record, and when linked with a phone, they will move. If the phone is turned, the footage will turn as well. One lucky student, Amber K.,  gave a mock interview during the tour.  After a photo opportunity, the tour concluded.  Upper elementary students will have a chance to tour AFN in January and high schoolers in February.