Thursday, November 12, 2015

Make November a "Random Acts of Kindness" Month

This month, UHSG members are challenged to go out a perform random acts of kindness.  As a month where many take the time to remember blessings and be thankful, this is a great way to kick off the winter holiday season.  We would LOVE to hear your stories and see your photos.  If you have a story to share, please email it to

To get you started, here are some ideas:
  • Leave change on a vending/candy machine
  • Leave change at the laundromat
  • Offer to carry someone's grocery bags or return their cart to the store
  • Take a treat to the gate guards
  • Take out a neighbor's trash
  • Rake or sweep for a friend/neighbor/stranger
  • Leave a thank-you note for your postal service worker/bank teller/customer service representative, anyone in a job where thanks are few and far between
  • Pay for the meal of the family behind you in the drive through
  • Leave popcorn for the next movie rental customer at Mom's
  • Offer to watch kids for a new mom so she can shower/read a book/shop alone
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Give a stranger a sincere compliment
  • Read a book to a small child at the library so the parent can look in the adult section
  • Pick a public area to clean
The list is only limited to your creativity, and if you aren't feeling creative, a quick internet search will yield a plethora of ideas from the extravagant to the easy and affordable.