Friday, September 25, 2015

Rhineland-Palatinate Open Air Museum

By E.E. Age 17

On the 25th of September the homeschool group ventured north to the Rhineland-Palatinate Open Air Museum.  This outdoor museum houses four villages with forty buildings spread throughout.  The villages of Moselle-Eifel, Palatinate-Rhine Hesse, Middle Rhine-Western Forest, and Hunsr├╝ck-Nahe each represent an area of the Rhineland-Pfalz state of Germany. It holds buildings created many years ago.
During the trip, students were guided through three of the four villages, and were given the history behind the buildings and how they were used.  In one village showcased  a skittle alley (known to Americans as a bowling alley) that was used over one-hundred years ago, and another displayed  a building where people can still get married in today!  Additionally, students  were shown a barber shop that was used sixty years ago, and a beautiful house of an 18th century wine farmer.  And the most intriguing and shocking thing about all of these places: they were all taken from their original resting place and rebuilt in the museum!

Students readily displayed enjoyment and interest  in what they were learning.  Kassie, age 10, commented, “It was a great way to learn the way people lived.”  And Bella, age 13, said, “There was lots of walking,” and gave the advice to “wear good shoes.” Though the trip overall was enjoyable, some (including myself) weren’t too fond of all of the walking.
Even though the trip was meant for kids ten and up, it may be appropriate for younger children as well.  The path from start to finish is two kilometers (a little over one mile), and it’s rough as well, so it may not be suited for some children or those with strollers.  Still, for anyone wanting to go, the museum is open every day (except Monday) from the end of March through the beginning of November, opening at 9:00 am and closing at 6:00 pm (with last entry at 5:00 pm). You can find more information on museum hours and directions on their website: