Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homeschool Swim Day at Monte Mare

By R. M. Age 13

Several families participated in UHSG swim day at Monte Mare on January 19. The pool has a spa and sauna, as well as a food court. In the main area, there are water slides and a wave pool. Before they start the waves, employees make an announcement and warn swimmers that the waves and current can be strong.
Hidden away in the back is a dive well and a lap pool. There are two water slides, one you ride in a tube, and one where you go in a dark tunnel. These slides can be fast or slow. The water slides start inside the building, but the tunnels are located outside, and can be seen from the parking lot.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Home"school"made Gingerbread Houses

By A.K.  Age 12

Homeschool families got together in December to celebrate the holidays with a Gingerbread house making party. Everyone brought Gingerbread house supplies and lots of candy for decorating. While listening to Holiday music everyone decorated their houses. There were so many gingerbread houses.

There were traditional houses made of homemade gingerbread and others made of graham crackers, churches, manger scenes, a boy scout camp and a Christmas tree.


At the end of the day everyone who built a gingerbread house received an award. Some awards that were given out were the best decorated, most delicious, largest, and most creative. E.E. said, “this event was a lot of fun!" When asked if she had a favorite creation made that day she replied that her favorite was “M.R.'s because it was very traditional.” The Christmas Gingerbread party took place in the KMCC BX food court room.