Monday, February 8, 2016

Rose Monday Provides Opportunities to Celebrate with the Locals

By  S. B.  Age 14

Rose Monday is a holiday celebrated on the Monday before the start of Lent. Many places in Germany celebrate with a parade through the town, but one town in particular has a few special traditions.
Schramberg, in the Black Forest, not only has a parade but also a boat race down a river. The boats were made out of small wooden tubs that had been built around with more wood and cardboard. The point of this race was to make it to the end without your boat getting destroyed. It turns out that that was harder then it seemed because many people ended up swimming down the freezing river.
After the boat race was the parade where everyone wore the big crazy masks and costumes and threw candy and confetti everywhere. But the parade in Schramberg was set apart from the others because of the huge carved wooden masks that everyone wears. There were also a few floats that they would pull you into with all sorts of foods and drinks to try! The weather was terrible though, rainy and cold, everyone was soaked by the end of the parade. Even though it may have rained the whole time, it was still very entertaining and fun!