Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Clubs of UHSG

Did you know that UHSG has several different clubs which members can participate in?  These clubs are additional activity opportunities for our members in the community.  The clubs are run by volunteers and they offer a variety of different pastimes for students of all ages.

Book Club

Book club sessions are run several times throughout the academic year.  Students are divided into two groups - ages 8-12 and ages 13 and up.  The literature genre and main character gender are varied each session to provide a larger reading repertoire for the students.  During meetings, student conversation is facilitated via guided discussion of the assigned readings.  Each session culminates with a final book project presentation by the students.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the reading assignments during each book club session, and to delve more deeply into the literature.  Book club sessions are announced within our Google Group and on our UHSG Facebook page.

Nature and Hiking Club

Our UHSG Nature and Hiking club meets once per month, usually during the first week of the calendar month.  Each hike is arranged at a different site in the local area and a specific aspect of nature study is chosen for the focus of our walk.  We have concentrated on everything from fungi to caves, and we have hiked in areas from Winnweiler to Homburg.  Meetings are announced within our Google Group and on our UHSG Facebook page.  Space is limited and participants must sign up to attend.

Geek Club

The Geek Club is a new club designed for our UHSG teens.  The kids get together to play board games, watch movies, play video games, and talk about their various interests.  Meetings are announced on our UHSG Facebook page.