Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Homeschoolers Toured the Ramstein Library

In an effort to help them get ready for their upcoming school year, local homeschoolers were able to take a tour of the Ramstein Library to learn about all the resources the library provides. Split into two age groups, the younger homeschoolers enjoyed listening to a story from the Librarian that talked about appropriate behaviors for the library. Afterwards, they visited the children's area and participated in a scavenger hunt that taught them how to look for books in the library and introduced them to different sections of the library. The older homeschoolers learned more about how to use the online catalog to find books they may need to enhance any research. They then took a walking tour of the research areas in the library. All learned about various programs that the library provides to the community to encourage the love of reading such as their Summer Reading Program, Story Time, and Book Clubs. To find more information about the library and their upcoming programs, you may visit them online here.