Thursday, September 22, 2016

UHSG Enrichment Day Begins 2nd Year

In it's third week, UHSG Enrichment Day is in full swing of it's second year. Enrichment Day is a day of enrichment classes held for 12 Tuesdays in the Fall and in the Spring that help enhance a homeschooler's educational experience and are facilitated by parent volunteers. This Fall Session has a total of 17 classes for homeschooling families to choose from.

Mrs. D's Basic Cooking Skills Class has been learning their way around the kitchen. They started with kitchen safety, how to read a recipe, meal planning, and how to properly hold a knife. This last Tuesday they used those new knife skills to chop vegetables for a chicken bacon ranch salad that they shared with all the families during lunch.

Mrs. V's and Mrs. J's Life of Fred Apples Class has been reading through the first book in the Life of Fred series. This fun elementary math skills class has the children talking about time, addition, days of the week, numbers and so much more. They also get to play fun math games like Sum Swamp. 


The high school Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschoolers Class, facilitated by Mrs. B, has been learning how to manage their finances to keep themselves out of debt, create a budget, and make a financial plan.

Mrs. G's and Mrs. S's high school Literature Study Class has been working their way through their first book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. They'll continue through the Spring reading great works of literature and finishing up with six weeks of Shakespeare.

Mrs. T is sharing her artsy side in her Mystery Art Class. She's facilitating two classes this session: one for the younger kids and one for the older. Each week the kids learn about different types of art. The first two weeks they learned about different textures in art by adding items such as paint, salt, and vinegar to paint. Below, the older Mystery Art Class is creating pictures using a process known as felting.

In her second year at Enrichment Day, Mrs. R facilitates the two American Sign Language Classes for Beginners and Advanced students. This past Tuesday the beginning class learned how to sign about their families.


The other classes being offered this Fall Session include Apologia Biology Labs, Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science, Human Anatomy, Elementary Science, Conversations in German, World Geography, Charlotte's Web Unit Study, and Writing a Graphic Novel/Manga. These classes range in grades from PreK-High School. 
Enrichment Day also offers an opportunity for homeschooling family members that are not in a class to help one another in other ways like Mrs. T is doing below by sharing her crocheting knowledge. Others use spare time to catch up on their other homeschool work.

This Fall Session will end on Tuesday, November 29. Enrichment Day will resume with the Spring Session on Tuesday, January 31. Many of the classes from this fall will carry over into the spring but there will be a few that will not. There will be some new classes added to the Spring Session. Registration for the Spring Session will open up after Christmas. All families attending Enrichment Day must be members of UHSG.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

UHSG Hiking & Nature Club Visits Devil's Table

Our Hiking & Nature Club's monthly meetings resumed this month. We took a break over the summer, but now our regular explorations and nature studies are in full swing again. Our first hike of the school year took us to Devil's Table.

To prepare for the hike, we began by studying sedimentary rock formations.
This allowed us to have more of an understanding of the rock layering we say on our hike.

We are excited to get together again next month and learn all about why the leaves change color in the fall.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Apple Picking & Tour at Appel Happel

The members of UHSG had the opportunity to go apple picking and tour the orchard at Appel Happel. The tour started off with a story regarding the legend of the Big Apple.

Then, the homeschoolers had to go out into the apple orchard to collect fallen apples that had fully ripened.

Upon returning with the fallen apples, the homeschoolers learned the process of making apple juice.

The day ended with apple picking and each homeschooler was able to pick five apples a piece that was included in the cost of the apple tour.  Many families picked a good amount of extra apples to take home and make apple goodies like apple butter and apple pie.

To visit Appel Happel and learn more about the special events they have during the Fall or to set up your own Field Trip, you may visit them at their website.