Thursday, May 17, 2018

UHSG Hiking & Nature Club Visits the Devil's Gorge

On Wednesday morning we all met up in Irrel, Germany.  Irrel is located in the Eifel region, on the Luxembourg border.

We began our hike at the Irreler Wasserfalle (waterfall).  It isn't really a waterfall, but more of a rocky stream with some rapids. From the waterfall, we hiked up toward the Teufelsschlucht (Devil's Gorge).

The weather held up beautifully for us, in spite of the fact that rain was in the forecast.
We found some interesting things along the way.

Once we reached the gorge, we hiked through it and back down towards the waterfall.

 Can you see the face in the rocks?

This area of Germany is absolutely gorgeous and worth taking a trip to see it.  There are many options for trails to follow.  We stuck to trail 54 until we reached the entrance to the gorge.  We did miss a turn-off at one point and had to backtrack a bit, but other than that the trail is very well marked and we found our way to the gorge quite easily.

Once back at the waterfall, we stopped for a bit to enjoy a snack and the view.