About Us

Our Mission Statement

UHSG is a volunteer run inclusive support group for homeschooling families in the Kaiserslautern/Ramstein/ KMC area. Our members are comprised of homeschooling families covered under the SOFA and living temporarily in Germany . We encourage diversity and welcome all regardless of race, religion, or homeschool style. Together, we provide a network of support where homeschooling families can share ideas, organize field trips or enrichment classes, connect with local organizations, provide information about living in Germany, and help families new to homeschooling. Because of the unique and often transient nature of this community, UHSG strives to offer a welcoming and safe place for parents as well as children.

I. Who We Are

A. Members
  1. Anyone homeschooling under the SOFA can become a member of UHSG regardless of race, religion, or homeschool style. We encourage as many different voices to participate as possible.
  2. Potential members will be asked to answer a short questionnaire to gain entry to the group’s Google and  Facebook Group.
  3. Because of the great diversity of the UHSG, members will make every effort to treat those they disagree with respectfully.
  4. Active members can only be removed from the UHSG through our mediation process outlined in Section II. 
  5. We ask that members remove themselves from the group within six months of relocating to a new area. Once a year UHSG will conduct a "check in" with members. Unresponsive members will be removed. Members removed by mistake can re-join at anytime.

B. Leadership
  1. UHSG’s leadership is a coalition of volunteer “Liaisons”, each having their own specific responsibilities while simultaneously cooperating with each other for the benefit of the community.
  2. Liaisons are nominated and voted for in open meetings.
  3. A Liaison’s term is one year with no term limits.
  4. Group proposals/decisions will be discussed and voted on during open meetings.
  5. Leaders agree to abide by Leadership Code of Conduct.

C. Fees
  1. There are no membership fees.
  2. We are not a non-profit organization and therefore no money will ever be handled or collected by UHSG.
  3. UHSG does not collect fees in connection with co-ops, classes, field trips and other events. Money exchanged will be handled by the event coordinator and collected only for entrances fees, supplies and expenses to cover the cost of the activity.

II. How We Operate

A. Google Group Forum and Calendar
  1. UHSG Google Group is our main means of official communication
  2. UHSG Google Calendar lists and organizes our current events and field trips.
  3. Provides an online forum for discussion, information, and idea sharing
  4. Protects privacy of the group with online member registration and password protection.
  5. Members access the group by answering short a questionnaire that is approved by the forum administrator.
  6. Forum will be administered by a UHSG Web Support Liaison
  7. The group forum will always have at least 3 volunteer moderators.
  8. Moderators can move posts for better organization. Posts will only be removed if deemed disrespectful or inappropriate.
A. UHSG Liaisons
  1. Volunteer position
  2. Willing to share contact information with UHSG members and appropriate outside groups, organizations, etc.
  3. Help facilitate the flow of information to, from, and within the group
  4. Maintain a folder with all the necessary information within their responsibilities so incoming Liaison may have a smoother transition
  5. Commit to attending monthly meetings and providing monthly report of activities
  6. May build a team of volunteers to help them with their responsibilities, but the Liaison will remain the primary contact and will be held accountable for the team.
  7. A list of UHSG Liaisons with their description and responsibilities will be available to all members.

B. Meetings
  1. UHSG will hold an open meeting every first Wednesday of every month.
  2. All members are welcome attend  to connect with each other face to face and participate in the decision making process.
  3. The agenda for each monthly meeting will be determined by the Liaisons and posted to the larger group in advance.
  4. Any member can make a new proposal at the monthly meeting during Open Floor Discussion.
  5. The Liaisons can call for additional or emergency meetings should the need arise. These meetings will be open to all members.
  6. The Administrative Support Liaison will record and publish the number of people in attendance and the minutes of all meetings.

C. Website
  1. UHSG’s website is: http://unitedhomeschoolersofgermany.blogspot.com/
  2. Provides the public with general information about our group mission and activities, the local area, and group contact information for prospective members.
  3. In order to protect the privacy of our members, no personally identifying information will be shared on this site.
  4. The website will be administered by a UHSG Web Support Liaison.

D. Facebook Group
  1. UHSG Facebook Group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unitedhomeschoolersofgermany/
  2. Members can be added to this closed group by emailing a request to unitedhomeschoolersofgermany@gmail.com.
  3. The forum will be administered by a UHSG Web Support Liaison
  4. The Facebook group will always have at least 3 moderators.
  5. Moderators can remove posts deemed disrespectful or inappropriate.