New to Homeschooling

With homeschooling growing in popularity we have many new members. If your question isn't listed, be sure to ask.

One of the first questions everyone asks when they consider homeschooling is:

"I've been considering homeschooling my children ages X and Y. Does anyone have a curriculum to recommend?"

First you should know that purchasing curriculum is not a requirement of homeschooling. Plenty of families have successfully homeschooled their children using educational materials such as books, games and hands-on activities. Libraries are excellent places to begin the homeschooling journey, and playing games gets many children excited about learning. Reading, writing and math are foundation subjects. Mastering them opens the door to learning almost any other subject. Many families spend lots of money on curriculum recommended by another homeschooler only to find out it was not the right choice for their family. Before rushing out and purchasing curriculum to ensure your child doesn't fall behind, be sure to take some time to research the options. In the mean time, encourage your child to read by following his/her interests.

Second, this questions comes up on a near weekly basis. We have all asked it and luckily, now many of us can answer it. Unfortunately, we all answer the question differently because there are so many ways to homeschool. But don't worry, we're here to help you get started too.

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