What We Offer

We have very active members interested in a variety of activities. Some activities have limited space available, but most are open to the entire group. Events and activities sponsored and organized by UHSG are posted on the UHSG Google Calendar. For activities with limited space or those requiring exact headcounts UHSG uses signupgenius.com. These events will be clearly marked as such.  Members wishing to organize an event through the group (i.e. creating an event in the group) should contact the Field Trip and Events Liaison or the Administration Liaison.

We currently offer at least one UHSG sponsored event per week. Therefore a typical month would contain a meeting, one swim day, one field trip, and one special event such as a mom's night out, geography exhibition, science fair or group party.

Attending any of our events is a great way to meet other homeschooling families and get involved with UHSG. No matter where we go, we all are parents educating kids. Those new to the area can find friends, and those new to homeschooling can use these casual environments to pick the brains of veteran homeschoolers.

Monthly Activities

Homeschool Swim
We meet at the base and surrounding area swimming pools for families to get together and have fun. Some parents swim and some parents socialize and chat.

Park Days
We meet at different area parks from about Mid-March thru October.

Field Trips
UHSG often hosts field trips for the group. If you are interested in organizing a future field trip please let one of the liaisons know where you would like to go and what month.  The following is a listing of possible field trip venues in the area:

Planning and Support Meetings

We hold monthly meetings open to all members to discuss curriculum, upcoming group events and UHSG business. If you are interesting in planning a large homeschooling event we encourage you to come to a meeting so we can discuss your event and get you the support you need to make it happen. If you have any concerns and feel more comfortable bring them up face-to-face please attend. Meetings are also a great way to get more involved with UHSG.

Other Recurring Activities

Enrichment Day
Each fall and spring we will offer Enrichment classes one day per week, for 11 weeks.  Enrichment classes are facilitated by parents.  The classes may be run by one or more parents or may be co-op classes with a new parent teaching each week.  The classes are free, with each enrolled student paying only for the materials required for the class.  Classes will vary each session, but we strive to offer a wide variety to allow children from PreK through highschool to participate.
Our Class Sharing Guidelines provide example class offering posts and issues to consider if you would like to offer a class. Here are a few examples of past classes offered by our members.
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Biology with Dissection
  • Unit Studies in History
  • Crochet Your Own Hat

Hail/Farewell Get Togethers
We say hello to new members and good-bye to those leaving at bi-monthly Mom's Night Outs.

Hiking & Nature Club
We meet up monthly at different locations in the area to hike as a group, while focusing on a chosen nature study theme.

Running Club
This group of students and parents meets weekly to run trails in our local area.  We also participate in 5K runs and other running opportunities offered in the community throughout the year.

Activities We Have Done in the Past or Would Like to Offer in the Future

Kids select a scientific question to investigate through experimentation and share their results at the science fair.

We have a performing arts liaison who organizes a play for kids to get a chance at acting.

Geography Night
Families wishing to participate select a country and create a display sharing food, clothes and customs from their country.

Art Show
Kids have the chance to show off their artistic talent in an art show.

Talent Show
Kids have the chance to show off their talents in a show. This year there were pianists, singers, dancers and more.

Homeschool Conference
Homeschoolers come together to participate in workshops, share ideas and curriculum.

Curriculum Sale
Homeschoolers get together to sell and exchange used curriculum

More Events

Solar Eclipse 2015
Holiday Parties 
Not Back To School Party

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